Where It All Began...

We started like all good stories start—with a problem. We love being outside and spending time with our family by the water. But we didn't live near the water so we did the next best thing—a pool! But pool covers were so expensive and they didn't keep the pool any warmer (something us adults valued). So we asked, "What's something else we could use instead?" And SunnyTent was born!

Handmade with Care

Every SunnyTent is made by hand with expert care. Every stitch of our tents and every pole rod has been thoughtfully prepared. Because its handmade, there may be some slight variation to each product, but that only makes it more unique and is a beautiful reminder of the people who worked hard to make your pool more enjoyable.

Making a Difference

Our factory is headquartered in the heart of Europe, in Bosnia and Herzegovina. During the 90s, this was a war-torn country and its citizens are still dealing with many of those scars today. Our SunnyTent factory employs local Bosnians—guaranteeing them a job, training opportunities, and a Western wage. Will you join us in making a positive impact in this community?

Building a Sustainable

We wanted a more affordable pool cover alternative, but we didn't want to do it at the expense of our environment. It was important for us to make a product that was environmentally friendly. So we did! SunnyTents are an economic and sustainable way to keep your pool warm during the summer. Not to mention, it will save you hundreds—if not thousands of dollars—on your electric bill.