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Frequently Asked Questions

Which SunnyTent is compatible with my pool?

Measuring Your Pool

To identify the ideal SunnyTent for your pool, it's essential to take accurate measurements. If you own a round swimming pool, determine both the height and the diameter. For square, oval, or rectangular pools, be sure to measure the height, width, and length. Additionally, consider any protruding elements, such as skimmers or top edges.

Utilizing the Size Information

You can find the appropriate SunnyTent size for your swimming pool by referring to our swimming pool size chart and calculator. In the event that your pool is not listed, or if you have any queries, our customer service team is happy to assist you.

How can I check the status of my order?

Order Status

Once you've completed your purchase through our webshop, you will receive an email confirmation (please check your spam/unwanted items mailbox). When your order is prepared for shipping, you will receive another email from us.

Track & Trace

Once the delivery company FedEx picks up your order, you will be sent an email containing a track & trace code, enabling you to monitor the progress of your order. If you don't receive this email, please reach out to our customer service for assistance.

What do I need for a proper SunnyTent assembly?

Assembling a SunnyTent can be accomplished by two people.


  • A tape measure
  • A solid hammer

Assembly Tips

  • Early Setup: If possible, consider setting up your SunnyTent before installing your pool. This sequence can streamline the process and make it more convenient.
  • Weather Conditions: Opt for a day with minimal or no wind when setting up the SunnyTent. This will facilitate a smoother assembly process.
  • Hard Surface Installation: If you plan to position the SunnyTent on a hard surface, you can do so with our hard surface kit. For detailed instructions on installing on hard surfaces, consult the provided installation manual.

What is the SunnyTent made of?

The SunnyTent is constructed using durable materials to ensure its strength and resilience in various weather conditions:

  • Tent Foil: The tent foil consists of an eight-layer PE film that is fused into a single, thick layer. This type of foil is commonly used in professional horticulture, which attests to its durability and strength.
  • Pole Sets: The pole sets of the SunnyTent are made of 12.7 mm thick fiberglass, making them exceptionally robust. The slight flexibility of fiberglass poles makes them ideal for handling various conditions.

Weather Resistance

  • Full Sun: The SunnyTent is highly resistant to sunlight, thanks to its eight-layer PE film. This material is also utilized in professional horticulture and can withstand the intense sun exposure typical of southern Europe.
  • Hail: Regular hail is generally not a concern for the SunnyTent. However, extremely severe hailstorms, such as those that lead to significant destruction, can potentially damage the tent.
  • Strong Wind: The SunnyTent can endure strong winds, but it is advisable to fully open the tent in very windy conditions and storms. The tent's wind resistance depends on its size, model, and placement. If the tent is located in a sheltered area, it can handle higher wind forces than if it is in an open field. In extreme situations without folding down the tent, a pole set may break.
  • Winter: The materials used in the SunnyTent are winter-resistant. However, in the presence of snow or sleet, it's important to temporarily fold the tent open or down to prevent the weight from causing the tent to bend or collapse. The good news is that snow or debris won't contaminate your pool during snowy conditions.

Extra Support with Cross Pole Set:
For the SunnyTent Round size L, placing it in a very open and windy location may necessitate the purchase of a cross pole set. This accessory provides additional strength, even in light snow or sleet conditions.

Point of Interest for SunnyTent Round L+ and XL:
SunnyTent Round L+ and XL come with a cross pole set included. Due to their larger size, these tents are more susceptible to wind and snow/ice, making them less suitable for windy or exposed locations. Additionally, they should not be used during autumn or winter.

What is the delivery time for the SunnyTent?

Standard Delivery Time: We typically aim to deliver your SunnyTent within 5 to 7 business days. Please keep in mind that the SunnyTents are shipped from the Netherlands, so delivery times may vary depending on your location.

Extended Delivery Time:
If the delivery time is longer than the standard period, such as in cases where a product is temporarily out of stock, this information is clearly indicated in the product details on our website.

Can I return my order?

Return Your Purchase:
Yes, you have the option to return your SunnyTent within the 30-day return period. To be eligible for a return, the products should be unused and unopened.

$25 will be deducted from your order total when returning your order. Original shipping charges are non-refundable.

Return Conditions:
For specific details on when and how you can initiate a return for your SunnyTent, you can refer to our return conditions, which provide comprehensive information on the process.