Tips to Determine Your Pool Size

1. Don't Forget...

You'll want to maintain at least 10 inches of clearance around the SunnyTent and at least 16 inches of space at the back of your SunnyTent.

2. Find Your Pool's Dimensions

Dimensions are the width, length, and height of your pool. If you have a round or oval pool, you'll want to measure the widest or longest part of your pool to get your total.

3. Pool Edges

If your pool has an edge, you'll want to include it in the pool dimensions.

4. Protruding parts

Take into account any protruding parts such as skimmers that are attached to the pool. You may need a larger SunnyTent.

5. Swimming Pool Ladder

Take the ladder into account when measuring your pool.

SunnyTent Size Chart

Pool Diameter (ft.) Pool Height (in.) Recommended Size*
12 52 Round L
12 – 15.1 ≤ 48 Round L
13.1 59.1 Round L
15.7 48.8 Round L
15.7 52 Round L+
16 48 Round L+
16.1 – 18.8 ≤52 Round XL
18.7 53.1 Round XL
  • ≤ Less than or equal to
  • ≥ Greater than or equal to

Before You Order

When taking measurements, don't forget that you want to easily be able to open and close your SunnyTent.

We recommend:

1. Providing enough extra space that your SunnyTent does not touch your pool frame. This is because the pool frame can cause wear and tear on your SunnyTent.

2. Removing the pool ladder before you close the SunnyTent so that your SunnyTent won't be accidentally caught or damaged by the pool ladder.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which SunnyTent is compatible with my pool?

Measuring Your Pool

To identify the ideal SunnyTent for your pool, it's essential to take accurate measurements. If you own a round swimming pool, determine both the height and the diameter. For square, oval, or rectangular pools, be sure to measure the height, width, and length. Additionally, consider any protruding elements, such as skimmers or top edges.

Utilizing the Size Information

You can find the appropriate SunnyTent size for your swimming pool by referring to our swimming pool size chart and calculator. In the event that your pool is not listed, or if you have any queries, our customer service team is happy to assist you.

How much space is required around the SunnyTent?

You should have approximately 15.75 inches of free space around the SunnyTent.

Why is this space needed? This space is essential to allow for movement around the tent. Additionally, it is required for the tent foil to rest on the ground when the tent is fully open. (Having a bit more than 15.75 inches of space at the rear is even better.)

Does the SunnyTent really work that well, and how is it possible?

Heating Your Swimming Pool with the SunnyTent:

Yes, the SunnyTent is highly effective at heating your swimming pool. From mid-May to the end of August, it is common for the temperature inside the tent to rarely drop below 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Consequently, the water temperature typically reaches 77 degrees or higher during this period, all without the use of additional heating equipment. Please note that the actual temperature achieved depends on the climate and environment in your specific location.

How the SunnyTent Works:

The SunnyTent operates on the same principles as a greenhouse. In horticultural greenhouses, the interior temperature is typically much higher than the exterior temperature, especially during the mentioned period. Several factors influence how quickly the water heats up in the SunnyTent, including:

  • Sunlight: The more sunshine, the warmer it becomes inside the SunnyTent, leading to faster water heating.
  • Water Volume: The quantity of water and its initial temperature also play a role in the heating process.

To better understand the average temperature achieved in the SunnyTent, you can review the measurements taken by our customers, providing real-world insights into its effectiveness.